Blairgowrie primary

School Support Programme

Blairgowrie primary

School Support Programme

Established in 1995, PROCARE is one of the leading Emotional Wellness Companies in South Africa. Their culturally sensitive team of professional Counsellors and Trainers (social workers and psychologists) offer an innovative, practical, school and hands-on approach to psycho-social wellness at our school. They specialize in wellness solutions for Educational Institutions like Blairgowrie Primary School.

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PROCARE is supplying the following list of services to the Blairgowrie Primary Family:

Counselling and Assessments

This service aims to identify Learners and Educators at risk and to assist, support, and counsel those who are experiencing behavioral, emotional, and personal/home environment challenges. They offer a culturally sensitive confidential counseling service which includes Face to Face counseling as well as digital counseling via Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp video and Telephone counseling. They also provide a wide range of Psycho-social Assessments and Forensic investigations.

Trauma Management

Trauma Debriefing

This service is offered when a traumatic incident occurred. According to research the ideal time for trauma debriefing is 48-72 hours after the incident occurred.

Grief and Loss

They offer bereavement counseling for Learners/Educators who lost a colleague, loved one, family member, or significant other.

Trauma counselling and Post Traumatic stress Disorders (PTSD)

When a child or adult fails to recover after experiencing or witnessing traumatic events, PTSD symptoms might become evident and Trauma counseling is required. This could happen days, months, or even years after the trauma occurred and could have a serious impact on their functioning and performance.


Crisis Intervention/Critical Incident Management

Crisis Intervention takes place in crises E.g. suicide attempts, child abuse, and domestic violence, and usually requires an immediate response to contain the situation and emotions.

Crisis Counselling

Crisis counseling takes place after crisis intervention and explores the reasons behind and leading up to the crisis in order to address the situation appropriately and to prevent a similar crisis in the future.

Wellness Awareness

Prevention is always better than cure! They will encourage Learners, Educators, and their families to take responsibility for their own wellness through monthly wellness themes. This includes digital posters with scanning functionality and helpful info/articles E.g. Managing Trauma, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Covid 19.

Group sessions /Training/ Life skill programmes

They offer Therapeutic and Educational Group sessions, Training, and Life skill programmes to empower Educators and Learners with skills to deal with psycho-social challenges such as bullying, peer pressure, understanding puberty, anger management, child protection, and dealing with misbehavior.

Educator Support and Parental Guidance

They empower Educators and Parents, not only to manage Learners experiencing challenges at school or at home but also to identify and deal with Learners at risk and to comply with the Children’s Act. They also provide Executive coaching opportunities as well and Personal skills development for Head of Departments and Educators E.g. Leadership training, Stress and Change management, Conflict and Anger management, Inter-personal skills training.


Service Management

Service management includes Monitoring and Evaluation of the service, Dealing with Referrals, Capturing of Statistical data with Graphs, Client Satisfaction surveys, Feedback Reports as well as Monthly/Quarterly/Annual SSP reports.