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Music Center

Blairgowrie Primary School boasts an excellent array of instruments for your child, encouraging your child to do their best in whichever instrument they wish to play.


Upon enrolment at the Music Centre, the new pupils complete a contract and are then assessed as to the music level, so that the fee structure can be determined.

All information is available from the school office.  Parents complete an enrolment form. Once the office has received the completed form, they will match learners with a suitable teacher.  The details are then passed on to the teacher who will make contact to set up lesson times suitable to all parties.

Pupils are required to re-register at the beginning of each year. There is no re-registration fee.


All lessons take place on the school premises. Thirty-six lessons are provided throughout the year. If any additional lessons are required, these may be arranged at the prevailing rate.

If a learner misses a lesson for any reason, the lesson is forfeited.

If a music teacher misses a lesson for any reason, the lesson must be made up, at a time convenient to the learner and the teacher.

If a music teacher arranges to be away on leave, the teacher is obliged to make up all lessons before the leave period by arrangement with the learner.

Pupils are divided into the following groups for billing purposes:

Internal – current BPS pupils/parents

External – past BPS pupils/ parents

New External – other pupils/ adults

Accounts are sent out at the beginning of every term.


Fees are payable quarterly in advance. Should payments not be made timeously, lessons will be suspended immediately.

Parents may be handed over to debt collectors after the following procedures have been made: A telephone call to be reminded of outstanding fees, letta er sent to inform of outstanding fees, and/or over 120 days. Fees are adjusted annually and increases are set by the School Governing Body.


We have a variety of different instruments that we teach. We offer piano, keyboards, flute, violin, cello, recorder, drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and theory.

Instruments are also available for hire from the school – a deposit is required and a contract is completed.

Please inform the head of the Music Centre should any instruments need repair or service.


Concerts are held in terms 2, 3, and 4. All pupils are encouraged to participate in at least one concert per year. The teachers submit the names for the programs and they must inform the parents and pupils of the concerts and to make sure the pupils are ready to perform. Only pupils of the BMC may participate in concerts in the instruments they receive instruction for at BMC.


Reports are issued twice a year – mid-year and end of the year. External examinations are completed with Trinity and Unisa as well. The teachers are responsible to conduct the assessments and compile the reports. These reports are handed to the Head of the BMC for signing. Then it is handed out to pupils.

Termination of lessons:

One month’s notice in writing should be given when a pupil leaves the Music Centre.  If notice is not given, two extra lessons will be charged to your account. It would be appreciated if the teacher and BMC management is informed of such a decision.

Breach of contract:

No variation of this agreement shall be binding upon the parties unless the same is reduced to writing and signed by both parties.

Should the learner breach any of the provisions of this agreement and fail to remedy such breach within 7 (seven) days after receipt of written notice to do so, the Blairgowrie Music Centre shall have the right to cancel this agreement.



At the end of the year, at the final concert, awards are handed out for the following categories:

  • Top Matric Pupil
  • Grade 7 Excellence and Achievement Award (must be a pupil at BPS)
  • Most Improved Beginner
  • Top All Rounder
  • Dedication to Music award

The teachers are responsible for submitting their eligible pupils. They are scored on a rubric and scores are tallied to identify the winner. The final decision remains with the head of BMC.

Music Centre Staff

Gretchen Meyer Secretary
Caroline Berkenbosch Recorder, flute, keyboard and piano
Gloria Boyi Violin
Gianluca Tadiello     Guitar and ukulele.
Nick Beasley
Piano and Vocals

We are currently recruiting additional staff


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