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Blaircare is the school’s paid aftercare service for learners who are not able to go home straight after school until 5.30 pm. Blaircare facilities create a home away from home space, where Grade R – Grade 7 children are cared for in a nurturing; structured, and safe environment.

Homework is completed under supervision before free time allows children to enjoy their afternoon with friends. Holiday care is offered with a programme to suit all tastes and talents!

Enrolment is for the term and ad-hoc/occasional attendees are not accepted.  Places fill quickly and a first-come-first-served rule applies. Blaircare offers development through play and offers various activities. Cooked lunches and healthy snacks are provided.

T’s and C’s apply.


  • Registrations for Holiday Club is done online via a google link.
  • The google link will be made available 3 to 4 weeks prior to every holiday club through the following mediums: Website, D6 and the Newsletter.
  • Proof of payment secures the registration. P.O.P. to be emailed to
  • The correct reference number must be used when making payment into the school account: i.e. 3SMIT01
  • Blaircare parents will receive the information via the BC parent WhatsApp groups.


  • Only BPS learners may attend Blaircare.
  • Blaircare hosts two Parent Evenings per year. February and September.
  • Please follow Blaircare on ClassDojo and the d6 communicator for upcoming important dates and events.

Please call Trish Coleman (Blaircare Head) on 011 782 5406 for more information or email her at

We look forward to welcome you to our family!

Frequently asked questions

How many classes do you have per grade?

We have one homework class per grade.

How many students do you have at Blaircare?

180 full-time registrations (maximum). We do not offer occasional attendance.

How do you manage such a large group of children?

We have 3 full-time staff members as well as 5 Interns allocated to assist. Each Intern facilitates homework classes and oversees extra mural activities. Security is of paramount importance to us. We have a fulltime security guard on duty. No child is allowed to leave the premises without being signed out.

Medication / Chronic Conditions

A copy of the prescription given by the doctor and a signed letter from the parent/guardian are needed in order for the Blaircare Management Team to administer any medication.

Account queries

Mrs. Bertha Sheppard manages your Aftercare and School account, including debit orders. When you make a payment please use your unique reference number. Blaircare does not process any cash payments.

Collection time

Aftercare runs from 12:30 to 17:30 Monday to Friday. Late fines apply from 17:40. Should your child be collected after 18:00, without informing Mrs Trish Coleman, a late fine of R200 will apply.

Do you have a holiday club and what are the cost involved?

Yes. The online guidelines are on the d6 Communicator as well as on our Website. We advertise upcoming holiday clubs in the school newsletter. The online link to register will be sent out to the parents 3 weeks prior to the holiday club. The cost per day is R130.00 per child per day. This includes a breakfast snack, lunch, a fruit snack as well as daily indoor and outdoor activities. Hours: 07:00 – 17:30. Late fines apply. 



School Term Annual Blaircare Fees Payment In Full before 10 January 2023

Monthly Payments

January to November

Per Child Discount Payable by 7th of each month


Till 17h30

R 15 675 R 14 927 R 1 425

Blaircare fees are payable by the 7th of each month from January to November.

All Blaircare fees should be paid in full by 7 November 2023


Holiday Club

Daily Fee

Payable In Advance

Available for 35 days

Per Child

Termly holiday club registration

During school holidays

Beginning of Term 1

9 – 10 January (2)

Full Day

07h00 to 17h30


End of Term 1

End of Term 2

End of Term 3

27 March – 11 April (10)

26 June – 17 July (15)

2 – 9 October (6)

Blaircare Termly Hours

Blaircare runs daily from 10:30 to 17:30 except on the last day of each school term when Blaircare starts at 10:00 and ends at 17:30.

If I have applied for an exemption, can I apply for Blaircare?

No, exemption recipients cannot join Blaircare.


Children do their homework daily with the same homework assistant and additional homework sessions are available for learners who attend extra-mural activities. Homework is checked and signed off by the homework assistants.

We also offer a service during the school holidays. Again, only learners at Blairgowrie Primary may attend.


Holiday Club

A Holiday Club is run during every main school holiday except December to January with a variety of activities to keep the children happy, stimulated, and active.

Holiday Club is charged separately.

The application form to attend the Holiday Club can be requested from the school.