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Extra Murals

Blairgowrie primary

Extra Murals

Our extramural programme is extensive. After school, learners have the option to join a broad range of activities ranging from sports, music, art, craft, technology, and social enterprise. Many of the extra-murals are free of charge but there are certain offerings that do carry an additional cost as it is hosted by Independent Service Providers. Please also see Arts & Culture for information on those programmes.

Blairgowrie Primary School offers the following exciting and additional activities:


The Eco Club is involved in planting gardens around our school, making children aware of environmental issues, creating awareness of the biodiversity around us, and how we can protect our environment.

We aim to create awareness amongst our school community and encourage learners to actively become eco-warriors; passing on the message of keeping our earth healthy, litter free, and water-wise.

We are very proud of our budding environmentalists as they look to influence our the attitudes of our BPS learners and to make a difference in the World.


Coding & Robotics

Our learners are our future workers and we have to ensure that they are well equipped and prepared for the digital age. It is because of this that BPS implemented a coding and robotics curriculum which will develop learners’ ability to solve problems, think critically, work collaboratively and creatively, function in a digital and information-driven world, apply digital and ICT skills, and transfer these skills to solve everyday problems.


Blairgowrie Primary School offers extra focused academic sessions to learners identified by teachers during contact time. These sessions are subject-specific and will be indicated on the extracurricular timetable each term. Learners who are required to attend these sessions will be provided with an individual invite by the teacher of the specific learning area. extra-focused

If your learner is given an invite, these sessions will become compulsory to attend, and in most circumstances should take preference over all other extracurricular activities. There is however an understanding that all extracurricular activities are important to the holistic development of a learner and a discussion needs to be had with the teacher and parents to overcome clashes but still meet the needs for extra assistance.


Sign Language

Signing can give children an educational boost, regardless of whether they have special needs. The signing also helps children access the curriculum and communicate with their teachers and peers, and it also has benefits for those who don’t have any additional needs.

Blairgowrie Primary School also offers the following activities, hosted by Independent Suppliers and carries an additional cost:

Angi's Academy of Dance

At Angi’s studio, dancing is FUN. Children leave with smiles on their faces, having learned something. Each child is special and has his or her own space in her class. Children are invited, one and all, to the exciting world of dance – those with loads of talent to rank beginners, flexible kids to tight kids, shy kids to extrovert kids, everyone is welcome to become part of the happy dance family.

Contact Angi
+27 82 888 1053

Beaux-Arts Kidz Kraftz

With their specially formulated creativity development programme, they aim to prevent the loss of creativity. It is important to remember that to develop their creativity, children must be creative to stay creative! They specialize in developing skills needed for school and life by using pottery and child-related craft lessons as a medium for children. Their specialty is that students make their own creations while having a clay pot full of fun!

Contact Cheryl
+27 83 676 9449

Rugga Kids

Rugga Kids is a privately run extra mural activity for children between the ages of 3 – 8 years, which encompasses a love for rugby and having fun. The program concentrates on developing your child’s physical abilities and gross motor-skill coordination through a fun, positive, energetic, and confidence-building curriculum, all whilst focusing on the safety aspects of the game.

Contact Walter
+27 82 561 2604


Northcliff Karate Academy

Northcliff Karate Academy was started in the Northcliff area in 1991 by Sensei Penny Checketri as M.A.S.D (Martial Arts Self Defence). In 1991 Sensei Mary was an 8 year old white belt at the school dojo (Cliffview Primary) and spent most of her childhood years training with Sensei Penny in the art of Goju Ryu Karate.

Contact The Academy
+27 82 781 7121

Highland Dancing

The Robinson Dance Studio has been teaching Highland and Irish dancing for the last 51 years. We facilitate exam work, competition work and show work. Our dancers have competed all over South Africa as well as over seas in Ireland and Scotland. Anyone can come experience the magic of celtic dancing. We cater for boys and girls from 4 years on and we also have adult classes available.

Contact Elinor
+27 82 824 1797

Future Golfers

Our coaches will make sure that your little golfer has the most fun during his/her lessons. Our program is endorsed by SuperSport Let’s Play, Ladies Golf Gauteng, The Golfers Club and Spur, giving you as the parent peace of mind that your little golfer will be in the right hands.

We focus on the introductory fundamentals and strive to teach your little golfer the correct techniques whilst keeping an element of fun.

Our program consists of FOUR levels and assessments are conducted towards the end of each term so that you as the parent can see how your little golfer is progressing through our program, Assessment sheets are sent to you and badges will be awarded to those kids who pass the different sections of the assessment program which are

  • Full Swing
  • Around the Green (Chipping)
  • Putting
  • Knowledge

Contact Matthew
+27 82 651 8207