Blairgowrie primary

Our History

Blairgowrie primary

Our History

Established in July 1959, Blairgowrie Primary School in Gavin Avenue, is ideally situated in the pleasant residential area in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. The Scottish background of both suburb and school are represented in the three school houses: Atholl, Murray and Dundee.

Origin of the Name

Mr Grey Rattray, an immigrant from Blairgowrie Scotland, owned the farm, which was later to become the suburb Craighall. In 1940 his daughter, Mrs Doris Grey McChesney applied to establish a township on a portion of Craighall, the farm Klipfontein No. 4 1941.This township was proclaimed and named Blairgowrie.

Origin of the Uniform

Blair Castle in Blairgowrie, Scotland, was the ancestral home of the Atholls of Murray. Permission was obtained from this family to incorporate their tartan with the uniform. This permission was granted to Mrs. Francis and her Ladies Committee in 1960.

Founding of the School

In July 1959, the School opened with 259 pupils with Mr T. S. Skinstad as acting principal. In January 1960, Mr J. Lane took over the reins. The first official principal was Mr J. Geddes and the official opening by the Director of Education took place in March 1961. By 1963 the school had grown to 700 pupils.


Blairgowrie School Motto

The Thistle

“A shield, vert, sinister chief a Springbok salient argent. Per bend dexter, upon field gules, a thistle, all proper, argent bordure. Motto: “BE TRUE”.

“ A shield, left side  (looking from the wearer)  green, a silver/white Springbok leaping, divided from left to right. Right side red, a thistle in its natural position. Silver/White border.

The colours and the symbols are appropriate to Blairgowrie School. The red, green and silver/white are taken from the Tartan of the Clan  “Atholls of Murray” who hail from Blairgowrie in Scotland. For Blairgowrie, Johannesburg, the colours are symbolic in that the Red represents the Sun and the colour of the soil. The Green represents the green foliage and the silver/white represents the white waters of the Witwatersrand. The Springbok represents South Africa, and in its leaping position, symbolises “ youth going forward. ”

The Thistle, being the floral emblem of Scotland refers to the Scottish origin of the name Blairgowrie. It is a hardy plant, protecting itself from destruction by the multitude of its prickles, likewise, the number of its seeds, depicts the advantage of education, without which the children cannot succeed and survive.

The motto  “BE TRUE” is the prefix for several proverbs, and was chosen as a guide to a rule of conduct. For instance: Be true to your school. Be true, meaning be straight and honorable, “but above all else, to thine own self Be True.”

The badge is the one sign which identifies you with Blairgowrie School.

Do not disgrace it . . . It will never disgrace you.