Blairgowrie primary

Media Centre

Blairgowrie primary

Media Center

The Media Centre is a vibrant, busy, and exciting place bursting with about 10 000 books. It has a computerized system for accessioning the books and each child in the school is allocated a unique barcode against which the books are loaned to them. The library also houses computers and printing facilities for learners and teachers.

The media centre is divided into 2 sections – junior and senior. The junior section is situated in the area around the pit. Children from Grade 1 to 3 come once a week with their class teacher to choose a book. There are both fiction and non-fiction books for them to choose from. The books are in boxes according to themes for the non-fiction books to make it easier for the children to find a book on a specific topic.

In the senior section, there are also fiction and non-fiction books in English and Afrikaans, and we have a small selection of stories written in Zulu. Here the books are shelved according to the Dewey Classification system. Senior children can come during break and after school to choose books.

Children also have the opportunity to research the library computers after school, or they can sit and do homework in the afternoon.

Grade 6 children are selected every year to become media center monitors where they learn to operate the computer system, shelve books, and help other children to find books on different topics. There is also a puppet corner, chess, and magazines for the children to read.