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Parent Involvement

We believe that parental engagement leads to student success. Find out how you can get involved in your child’s education.

PTA is primarily a social organisation. The main goal of the PTA is to promote fun and social events. The secondary goal is fundraising. Members organise a number of key events throughout the year.

Every parent and teacher at Blairgowrie Primary is a member of the PTA. The PTA suggests and delivers projects that benefit BPS and its wider community. We ask every parent to help with at least one project a year to ensure it’s success.

The PTA has different portfolios and you could find out which projects and portfolios you can apply your time and talents to:


The role of the Chairperson is to plan the agenda and chair the monthly meetings. They serve as the official contact, communicator and representative of the PTA. Along with the executive committee and the Principal, the Chairperson formulates the annual fundraising events. The Chairperson then oversees and co-ordinates the organisation of these events. They also work with other PTA members, teachers, the school and community to support the success of the fundraising initiatives.

Deputy Chairperson

The purpose of the Deputy Chairperson is to assist the Chairperson in undertaking the duties of that role and to fill in if the Chairperson is unavailable. The Chairperson and Deputy work closely together with regards to co-ordinating events.


The main role of the secretary is to take minutes at each meeting. Afterward, they email a copy to the chairperson and the principal for approval, before sending a copy to all the members of the PTA. The secretary also sends any other communication to the members of the PTA.


The treasurer is responsible for collecting and counting of all funds raised during and after each event. They are also responsible for putting together cash floats when required at events. The reimbursing of all expenses paid for an event. The treasurer is responsible for compiling financial statements for the PTA funds.


This creative member of the team puts together any advertising flyers that can be printed into posters, sent out via class WhatsApp groups, and posted on other school platforms.

Class Representative Liaison

This person is responsible for communicating fundraising information with the Class Reps. They also answer any PTA-related questions that might come from a parent.


The main role for the head of catering is to order stock prior to any event and do a stocktake after the event. This person oversees set up of all catering at outdoor events and ensures that all stock is put away in the PTA shed.

MySchool Card Liaison

MySchool card is easy for funds for the PTA. The person in this position liaises with MySchool monthly to forward information on funds received to the PTA. They also attend various outdoor functions to promote the MySchool card to parents of Blairgowrie Primary School.

Thank you to all parents and supporters for making use of the My School Card in support of Blairgowrie Primary School. This regular, passive income is welcomed for the daily operations of the school. 

Please click on this link to make BPS your beneficiary  Should you not yet have a card, the My School App can be downloaded from Apple and Google App Stores and a virtual card applied for. Alternatively visit the MySchool website to find out more or sign up for a card:

Class Reps (Parents)

Every class in Blairgowrie Primary School has a parent class representative. Their role ranges from coordinating birthday cards for teachers, and event marketing to specific Grades, Special Events to name but a few.

Please contact if you have any questions or if you would like to get involved.