Education is the backbone of society and the ability to live a full effective lifestyle. That is why we are serious about Academics and we do not compromise. Learners academic performance is our priority and therefore we have a strong academic program in place, backed up by an intervention, tutoring and homework assist programmes.

Benefits of Academics:


Education is simply the soul of society, as it passes from generation to generation.


It is also universally recognised as one of the most fundamental building blocks for Human Development and poverty alleviation.


When given an opportunity to learn, people are empowered to contribute fully to the development of their lives, their communities, and their countries.


Education simply remains one of the most powerful tools to reduce poverty and inequality and helps lay a foundation for sustained growth in our country.

Blairgowrie Primary School offers Grades R to 7 and follows the National Curriculum set out by the Department of Education. Our school aims to inspire each pupil to a lifelong, love of learning. We aim to equip each learner with the skills and confidence needed to be an independent thinker, able to tackle tasks both as an individual as well as a member of a group. Blairgowrie Primary School meets the educational needs of a wide range of individual abilities and seeks to provide an appropriate education for every child in the school family.

Class sizes are capped to promote the quality of teaching and learning. Our learning support department is able to extend advanced learners to academic excellence, whilst providing ongoing support to those who need assistance.

We seek to develop each learner, holistically, in preparation for high school and life beyond the walls of Blairgowrie Primary School. Both educators and learners spend their days delighting in learning and applying themselves to a range of activities and tasks.


  • We will stand out as a school with a reputation for academic, sporting, and cultural excellence producing future leaders who will exhibit values of respect and self-motivation.
  • We will invest in the development of its staff and make optimal use of its resources through innovative management and financing.
  • We will have parents, staff, and learners who participate constructively in the life of the school and the upliftment of the community. The school will play a positive role in education in our society.


To develop dynamic and capable children, to flourish in the modern world, through a blended education programme driven by passionate and innovative technology.


Blairgowrie Primary School

Blairgowrie Primary stands out from other schools for its innovative teaching and caring environment. The intellectual and emotional growth of all children is stimulated in a nurturing, secure, and disciplined environment.

As a fee-paying public school, continual investment is made in the human and physical resources of the school. Employment of additional teachers and interns keeps the learner-teacher ratio below 15:1.

Blairgowrie Primary offers a wide range of sporting and cultural extra murals aimed at learners who aim to excel as well as those wishing to participate and have fun.

Why Blairgowrie Primary School

We Grow Leaders

Blairgowrie Primary is a high calibre co-educational multi-cultural primary school situated in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Our school has been established for more than 50 years, and there are presently 869 learners enrolled from Grade R to Grade 7.

We Stand Out

In an effort to keep our class sizes smaller the school employs extra teachers. This is just one of the ways that Blairgowrie Primary stands out from the rest.

Our Values

The educational ethos of the School recognises of the uniqueness and individuality of each child. Our Teaching practices strive to develop the Whole Person as the educational goal at Blairgowrie. Similarly, the vital role of the discipline is demonstrated in the simple approach to the School Rules which aim to cultivate respect for others and to foster an awareness of the implications of one’s actions. All of this is reflected in the School’s own Bill of Rights.


Vumatel’s Fibre to Schools program along with partner ISPs like Cool Ideas, aim to provide world-class internet connectivity to schools across the country. Blairgowrie Primary School has been connected and is experiencing the benefit of accessing information hassle-free.

Cool Ideas, our Internet Service Provider, has reached over 200 successful school installations! That is over 200 schools across SA connecting with a FREE 1-gigabyte fibre line!

Blairgowrie Primary School is honoured to be part of these 200 schools and proud to be part of Cool Ideas’ and VUMA’s continuous investment in education and for making it possible to empower our learners through cutting-edge tech tools!

VUMA is Moving South Africa forward by installing a free uncapped 1gbps fibre line into our school.

We Value Education

BPS is a Section 21, Quintile 5 public school and we follow the CAPS (national curriculum) as set out by the Department of Education. We pride ourselves on academic excellence and our kids are encouraged to do their best. The purpose of assessment is to aid the development of the child and not merely for the purpose of progression. Assessment is on-going and it highlights personal strengths and weaknesses. We certainly aim to make learning fun in the process!

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