Established in 1959, Blairgowrie Primary School is a fee-paying government school. We strive to achieve the educational standards of a private school while maintaining the diversity and community relations of a public school and we are proud of our achievements in achieving this balance.

As a government school, our staff bear the additional administrative burden which this entails while still finding the time to prepare and present lessons.  Our staff solve the conundrum of giving 110% on a daily basis!

In return, we demand a lot of our learners as we work to provide a balanced education encompassing academic, moral, sport and cultural growth.

As much as we shoulder these responsibilities, we expect parents to share the burden as well.  We expect parents to show an active and supportive interest in their child’s education as equal partners with the teachers.  As a fee-paying school, we also look to the parents to become part of the school community and to participate in school events and to help our active PTA to raise money to help keep school fees manageable.

As a school, we work hard to balance the conflicting demands on the school to provide a supportive and focused environment for your child’s education. We strive to nurture the uniqueness and individuality of each child. We aim to cultivate respect for themselves and for others in our learners and to foster an awareness for the implications of their actions.  By and large we succeed in this and hope to continue to do so in the future.

The school is overseen by a School Governing Body which helps to run many aspects of the school.

The Scottish background of both suburb and school can be seen in the school uniform as well as the three school houses, Atholl, Murray and Dundee.  The uniform for both boys and girls incorporates the tartan of Murray of Atholl.

Classes are all taught in English, with Afrikaans and Zulu taught in all grades.

We foster a respect for all faiths, encourage our learners to learn more about different faiths and to express their different faiths.