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Our Mission and Values


  • We will stand out as a school with a reputation for academic, sporting and cultural excellence producing future leaders who will exhibit values of respect and self motivation.
  • We will invest in the development of its staff and make optimal use of its resources through innovative management and financing.
  • We will have parents, staff and learners who participate constructively in the life of the school and the upliftment of the community. The school will play a positive role within education in our society. Blairgowrie Primary School Our Mission Statement Click to edit Text
The educational ethos of the School recognises of the uniqueness and individuality of each child. Our Teaching practices strive to develop the Whole Person as the educational goal at Blairgowrie. Similarly, the vital role of the discipline is demonstrated in the simple approach to the School Rules which aim to cultivate respect for others and to foster an awareness of the implications of one’s actions. All of this is reflected in the School’s own Bill of Rights.

School Prayer



We pray our School will live in peace and harmony,

With every child aware of neighbours’ needs;

With standards high, with loyalty, integrity.

And love is shown in thought, in speech, in deed.


We pray for blessings showered on each family,

That they will stay together bound with love;

Our children know assurance and security,

Supporting them with dedicated love.


We pray for those who teach our children day by day,

That they will understand and show concern.

Will teach them all through good example,  work  and play

To grow in grace, to live, to love, to learn.


We pray that we ourselves will always stay so true;

True to ourselves and true to those we meet;

True to our word and true to everything we do;

To make our lives in school, at home, complete.

School Song


Let our motto live

In our work and play

Be True in everything we do

And we’ll stand proud and tall and strong

Unified in our ways.

Be True

Be True

To ourselves, to each other and our School

Lize Beekman

June 1997